Ali Raza Abbasi
China is the most populated country in the world. China has very close relations with Pakistan since 1955 when the prime ministers of both countries met in Indonesia. China has helped Pakistan in many areas of life. China and Pakistan are sharing a 600 kilometer long borderline. China lent a helping hand during the indo-pak war in 1965 and 1971 and supported Pakistan fully and promptly. That’s why China and Pakistan have a deep-rooted friendship. This companionship grew stronger when the Karakorum high way,commonly known as silk route,was build. It linked many areas of Pakistan to China and helped a lot in silk trade. Now these relations will increase due to CPEC as it is the outcome of xi’s mission one road one belt. As this will link many central and south Asian countries under on road. Which will result in a stable economy of Pakistan. CPEC is the abbreviation of (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). It is a highway which links the newly created Gwadar port to the historical city of China,kashgar. Its estimated length is about 2318 kilometers. Gwadar port will be used for importing and exporting the Chinese and Pakistani goods. The significant objective of CPEC is to establish a cutting edge international airport and to rebuild the railway infrastructure of Pakistan. The main goal of CPEC is to expand the trade relations of China and Pakistan to other countries,to stabilize the economy of Pakistan and to popularize the natural sights of Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. CPEC will also prove a good deal for China. There are many undeveloped areas in western china and this road will bring a noticeable change in such areas. Secondly,this will also enable China to have better trade relations in many countries like:India,Bangladesh,Singapore and other countries which or linked directly or indirectly to the Indian ocean. It will also help many Chinese companies to make the most of the products and services outside of China.CPEC will be game-changer for Pakistan”.This quote is based on reality. It is true that Pakistan will hold more advantages than China in respect to CPEC. China has been investing 46.5 billon dollars in establishing new energy resources in Pakistan to run this linkage between kashgar and Gwadar smoothly. This will end the continuous load-shedding in Pakistan. More ever,it will reduce economic stability gradually. Pakistan has been spending a large number of its economic resources in importing oil. Through CPEC,Pakistan will have to rely on its coal resources which will reduce the oil bill. As this road is passing through many undeveloped areas of Khyber pakhtunkwa and Baluchistan,this highway will creates many opportunities for the people living in these provinces to earn their live hood. Both Pakistan and China are working with great enthusiasm to build the pathway of progress. But Pakistan should keep an eye on its interest. There are many factors which are playing against CPEC. Therefore Pakistan should provide all possible measures to China to guard and protect CPEC. Pakistan should maintain its trade relations with China as well as with other countries. More ever,cutting trees and replacing them with a road can cause serious environmental problems. And lastly Pakistan should provide equal chances to the industries to took advantage of CPEC.

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