Sialkot: Extremism at its pinnacle

Usama Mughal
The macabre manifestation of grisly extremism at Sialkot Lynching incident has appalled and shattered every sane Pakistani. The cold-blooded and brutal killing of Sri-Lankan National, Priyantha Kumara Diyawadanage—who was foreign worker in garment factory of Sialkot—has experienced humanity hangdog and undoubtedly made a deadly and indelible scar on the gloomy face of Pakistan. The vicious/roughshod killing of foreign national on alleged blasphemy is not a first case but horrifying and poignant remembrance of Killing of Mishal Khan and burning alive of Shama and Shahzad Masih are case in point. The youth in Pakistan is simmering with wrath and frustration with the chanting of slogan with religious attributes makes them believe that they are doing right for the glorification of Islam and finality of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Weaponization of religion and squalid persecution in the name of it is strictly forbidden and against the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Pakistan is distinctly dissimilar in Ethno-socio and religio-political dimensions. There is a strong need to reconstruct the misplaced religious thought by being diffused the narrative countering radical extremist ideologies.This complicated and labyrinthian task can be done by the intellectual and enlightened response to critical ideologies, the revival of moribund cultural and social values. An ambiance—intolerance and extremist; violence — has bred catastrophe and continues to mutilate Pakistan until and unless stringent and pragmatic measures be not undertaken to cripple and uproot the terrorists with all their vitriolic ideologues. Rehabilitation and reintegration of fanatic components/ elements can be done by forging salubrious environment, enhancing jobs, proffering vocational training, after-care monitoring process, respectful involvement of parents and social reengineering of militants and terrorists.Conclusively, we demand exemplary punishment of those involved in this gruesome act and the speedy justice be dispensed to the aggrieved family and ensure absolute safety to other foreigners working in Pakistan, if not, amicable ties with immediate countries(including Sri Lanka) breed decadence.


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