Injustice with students

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Muhammad Zarif
No doubt, students play positive role for any nation but unfortunately, pupils are suffering immensely in balochistan, It is the only province where scholars are deprived of their birth rights. Besides, Allah almighty has loaded balochistan with countless natural resources unluckly, learners are facing many intolerable challenges because of corrupt system in the province.Out number of pupils are receiving their degrees from various universities and the ratio of joblessness is increasing, despite of announcing more vacancies and the leaders are behind to snatch those vacancies which are already announced.Additionally, It hurts to see the poor condition of candidates who qualified test and many readers did great score in lieu, giving their rights but at least don’t snatch their constitutional rights.This is the merely place where post are being sold, especially in departments where post are being sold or the puppet of government select their own people, poor people just read their fake advertisment which they give in different newspapers to send this advertisement in order to divert the mind of those qualified candidates that post are cancelled but actually which is not so. Before three or two times same vacancies were announced so- called department announced vacancies but got failed to fill the gaps once again , these vacancies got place in newspapers in 2019, around balochistan students paid fee, submitted their forms those forms were sent by TCS but test took by (TTS) Thorough Testing Service, and throughout balochistan students appeared in test and many of them cleared the test but unfortunately, they got failed to fulfill their long lasting dreams.Further, Even though students were called for skill tests before three months finally, studiers were waiting for the merit list or interview calls all of sudden, A postponed atervtisemet was given in jang newspaper vacancies are cancelled and it is not mentioned for what reason vacancies are cancelled. It is not the first time issue same post announced in 2013 without any reason they canceled the post and letter on in 2016 again they announced post took test and interview took when it came for order they decelared that post are canceled.Moreover, same case happened again they gave an advertisement that in this department post are canceled which is not a good decision.Candidates are in hot water what is going on with them without any reason fishy leaders cancel the post instead of announcing more post for god sake don’t cancel advertised vacancies.In short, It is humbly requested to CM of balochistan kindly do justice with candidates who cleared the test and issue the orders as soon as possible instead of cancellation of vacancies.

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