Human Rights Violations in Kashmir and Role of Internal Community:

Sardar Sajid Mehmood
The Human Rights day is being observed all over the world on 10th of December to protect the rights of deprived strata. We are living in the era leading to the development on its peak level. Man on one hand has landed on moon and is about to capture the other wide spreads planets but on the other hand it is devastating the humanity itself. It is very crucial and challenging to people working for the human rights to protect the lives and promotion of human rights in conflict zones like Kashmir and Palestine. It is most crucial and bitter truth that developed nations have completely failed to protect the lives of people in conflict zones and they completely failed to defend the life of human beings by promoting the human rights. It is human being who violates the human rights; there are nations and countries exploiting the rights of people and nations. Kashmiri people are the symbol of worst type of exploitation. An exploitation caused by the occupation of a large part of Kashmir by India leading to the division of Jammu & Kashmir and division of Kashmiri nation. Families have been divided since 1947 and social, religion, educational, economical, moral and political values are affecting badly. People are not allowed to meet each other because there is a control line well called blood line with in the territory of state of Jammu & Kashmir. Social, cultural, political, educational and economical set up of an old civilized nation has been deteriorated due to heavy deployment of military and Para military forces responsible for record human rights violations in the region. One can’t explain and write the feelings and scenes of both sides of Kashmiri people standing on the opposite banks of the river Neelum to only look at each other fully depending upon the will of Indian army. Both sides of Kashmiri people even having blood relations are not allowed to meet each other due to LoC and this blood line itself is a symbol of violations of basic right of Kashmiri people. Use of excessive forces against innocent civilians protesting peacefully, extra judicial killings and target killings are deplorable and a blatant violation of the right to life, right to freedom of expression and opinion, right to peaceful protest, right to peaceful assembly and other fundamental rights. In case of Kashmir the results and discussion of different researchers and reports of world’s famous human rights organizations proved that Indian occupying forces are responsible for massacre and worst type of torture including violence against women, crackdowns, disappearances, custodial and target killings in Kashmir. Practice of fake encounters are on its peak level and lawless laws as well described by amnesty international are practicing against the people by declaring them terrorist who in fact are struggling for their birth right the right of self-determination in the light of UN resolutions.U.S State Department Report, 2010 has declared that extra Judicial killings by security forces in Kashmir is a major Human Rights problem.Kashmiri people have strongly demanded to international human rights organizations and experts to raise this humanitarian issue evoked due to denial of right of self determination of the Kashmiri people by India. UN General Assembly in1966 had already adopted the international Covenants on Civil and Political Rights (the ICCPR), on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (The ICESCR) having much more details. Vienna Declaration adopted by the UN world Conference on Human Rights on June, 25, 1993 clearly described that “the world conference on Human Rights considers the denial of right of self determination as a violation of human Rights and underlines the importance of the effective realization of this right” While observing the human rights day all over the world, global powers must think over to eradicate the core issue of the world, the human rights violations. They must sort out the ways to protect the lives and promotion of human rights in occupied Kashmir. The international community must end the policy of neutralism and silence over a longstanding and outstanding humanitarian issue of Kashmiri people. Global Powers must pass a unanimous resolution to stop Human Rights violations in Occupied Kashmir by demilitarization in the light of UN resolutions adopted by Pakistan and India itself.

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