Where will the nation go with such high prices?

Anees Chandio
Please IMRAN KHAN have some pity on nation if you can’t otherwise give resign Mr. Imran you have completed three years and the government is about to complete four years but so far no relief has been provided to the nation Imran khans government was formerly known as Tabdili but now known as destruction this government by making false promises to the nation and country is in dept now A government destroys the country is economy the whole past record breaker about inflation the price of petrol is constantly rising and will continue to rise everything is constantly rising because of which the nation are very upset inflation is so high that skyrockiting it has become very difficult the poor to live in pakistan and transport fares are constantly being increased and people are being forced to walk and poor class families who work on a daily besis poor people are very worried about inflation And lower class families are not able to eat two meals a day they are deprived of this thing even inflation has risen so much Poverty is on the rise in the country. The dreams of the people have been shattered And our nation are not ready to live in pakistan Imran Khan’s government has done so much that the people are not ready to live their lives Everything is skyrocketing in Pakistan and the gas crisis is constant all over Pakistan and the price of petrol has been constantly increased and now they are saying that it will increase more further and the price of electricity has been continuously increased. And Our country is not so developed that has so much inflation and the people can tolerate it they can’t bear more Unemployment has risen across the country and The people had high hopes for you but their hopes have changed from hopeless to despair and they were so hopeful of you that Pakistan will change When you were not in government then you used to say if the dollar is rise then understand the ruler is a thief So what should we called you now You criticize previous governments Instead, focus on your government, what will be better for the country, what will be the future of the country. If you are the Prime Minister today, it is not because of your team but because of the nation So it is better to pay attention to your government and get rid of this big problem in the name of inflation as soon as possible. It will be better for pakistani people .

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