No less than a blessing

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Aurangzeb Nadir
Education plays a vital role in the development of nations. The nations that have made progress today have done so through education. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Today, countries compete for literacy rates, which ultimately lead to higher economic growth and economic growth. Education has great potential to change the world. When a society is educated, it has a very high allocation and productive efficiency with a rapid rate of development. The education sector in Balochistan lags behind the rest of the provinces and the literacy rate is very low. There are various reasons for this. According to a recent report, 51% of children in Balochistan are deprived of education, which is a good indication of the educational plight of Balochistan. Chartered by the Government of Balochistan through an Act 2012 passed by the Balochistan Provincial Assembly in May 2012. The main purpose of establishing Turbat University in the Makran region of Balochistan is to provide better opportunities for higher education to the students of Turbat. About 500 jobs will be created annually which will directly benefit the social welfare of a section of the population of the region. The students had to go to Quetta for post-graduation after graduation which was very difficult for them because most of the people here are poor and cannot afford to go so far. The difficult and painful way to get to and from Quetta is no less than torment and punishment. Understanding his plight, he performed a historic and unforgettable feat for the whole of Makran in the form of “Turbat University” which will always be remembered. Students will be able to pursue higher education in their own area. Turbat University was a long-standing issue and demand of the students and people here and no one could have imagined that the establishment of the university in Kech was a dream come true. Later, former Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch relocated the Turbat University. Poor students were unable to get an education in other cities because of the high costs. There will be hundreds of students who could not complete their education due to financial constraints. The lecturers and professors of the University of Turbat are competent and experienced. Recently, two faculty members of the University of Turbat have been selected to serve as visiting scientists in Turkish universities and institutes. Faculty members will carry out academic R&D activities. Turbat University has 15 departments in which Department of Law, Department of Computer Sciences, Department of Management Sciences, Department of Commerce, Department of Economics, Department of English, Department of Balochi, Department of Political Science, Department of Chemistry, Department of Biochemistry, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Botany, Department of Education, Department of Sociology and Department History included.

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