Horror in Sialkot

Noor bakhsh Saleem
It was indeed a day of shame for people and as well government of Pakistan which resulted that non Muslims are much better than Muslims after doing such brutal act. However, it is very unbearable that ritual of savage violence was enacted in Sialkot, Pakistan where mostly people are known Muslims. But it is very shocking that a man was beaten to death and burnt on fire as he was alive. On the other hand, the stone hearted animals took the body out on the road and make it on fire, where individuals on the scene, as if they were making a movie but it shows lack of humanity where they took selfies with the burning corpse. But It really shows that there is no any rule and government in Pakistan to protect its citizens. So, the injustice action completely shocked the nation’s people and as well other countries too. Hence, the government should take a serious action against them so that such cases would not happen in next time.

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