Administrator of Karachi should release funds for North Karachi Sector 5



Karachi:  North Karachi Sector 5-E UC 7 in the District Central was built 55 years ago in the time of General Ayub Khan. The family park was first rebuilt during the reign of General Ayub Khan. The second renovation of the park was done by renowned poet Ejaz Rahmani in the 80’s as a counselor. The park was destroyed for the third time due to lack of maintenance by the Deputy Director Paks of the North Karachi Zone and Mali. First, the strong iron grill of the park disappeared. It is unfortunate that the park has also been destroyed. There are no trees or plants left in this park. All this is due to the incompetent management and incompetence of the North Karachi Town Deputy Director Parks, for which the finances of this park are equally to blame. And so the beauty of North Karachi Sector 5E was ruined. Murtaza Wahab, the Administrator of Karachi, is working with funds generated for KMC and making various areas of the city. He should also release funds of Rs 5 to 10 crore for North Karachi Sector 5-E Development. The District Central is a big district like the District South, where 200 street lights, road paving, and mosquito spraying can be done. In order to provide a healthy and educated environment for the people here, it should be clear that the problems of road paving in North Karachi Sector 5E, the problem of family parks, and the problem of street lights on the poles in the streets have been going on since the time of archeology. The administration of New Karachi Town did not even bother to visit or inspect the areas on its own with the Deputy Director Parks, MND Department, and officers of the Road Lining Department. Therefore, the salaries of the old officers of these departments should also be withheld, and the cost of renovation and renovation of the parks should be given along with the names of all the areas except North Karachi 5E.