Sindhi Cultural Day

Sajjad Hussain Cheehani
Bertrand Russell said, “Attachment with culture is attached with future of nation. “Living nations don’t forget their cultural values and dish them out to the world in most promising manner. In this connection, we Sindhis celebrate our cultural day every year on the first Sunday of December. The day is marked with raising the slogans of peace and prosperity remembering the valuable messages conveyed & communicated in Shah Latif’s poems. The land marks of cities are decorated with “Ajrak” the traditional shawl of Sindhis which was even worn by King Priest found in Moen-Jo-Daro the world heritage which is about 5000 years old civilization of Indus valley.The people of Sindh being indifferent to their caste, color, creed, religious sect and political beliefs celebrate this day alike giving a peace message to whole the world. This day isn’t only celebrated in the premises of Sindh but also worldwide, where ever the Sindhis live. We must pledge ourselves on this day that we would keep up the promise of spreading love & peace across the length and breadth of our dear motherland Pakistan.

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