Population Explosion

Saeeda Aziz
The whole world is facing many tough problems but population explosion is one of the most hotly discussed and dreaded problems, not only in our own country but also in all over the world. Population growth directly affects the economic development and standard of living of the people. In the developing countries of Asia and Africa, population increase and poverty are closely connected. There is an intimate interaction between the number of people to be fed and food available in the country. The theories of subsistence level and minimum diet are the standards of population size. About this knowing growth, the government of every state is quite surprised and is fully conscious. The food production in the country is continuously decreasing and is even insufficient to support the present population. Every government tries to control the rapid increase of growth of population but it remains failed and not be able to arrest the growth rate in spite of family planning programs owing to lack of practical use of birth control methods. Population growth is one of the biggest problems not belonging and affecting the natural resources and climate conditions of a country but also sabotaging the whole scenario as well as internationally to eradicate this fast-growing danger immediately.

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