Extremism at all levels is regrettable, condemnable and intolerable!


Noor Khan Bakhrani Tangwani
Act of levelling false allegations and accusations on someone before trial, legal proof or justification is no way logical, legal, tolerable and supportive in the world. Islamic judicial system and jurisprudence requires eye witnesses, solid legal true proofs. It was Friday morning a Srilankan national identified as Priyantha Kumara by Police who was working as General Manager at a garment factory in Punjab’s Sialkot district who was brutally tortured to death by an angry mob of hundreds. Sialkot city which is very famous for manufacturing of Sports goods and surgical instruments. Definitely this act of cold-blooded murder is not religious in any way. The whole nation is woeful and shameful over this heinous, inhuman, horrific act of burning alive of Srilankan manager by factory workers allegedly under blasphemy charges. Factory workers had accused the victim of desecrating posters of bearing the name of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). The police is still trying to determine what exactly prompted and provoked the mob to kill the alien citizen. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan tweeted on this incident saying that vigilante attack on Srilankan citizen and burning his corpse was so sad, tragic, intolerable and shameful act for nation and can’t be believed religious at all. Furthermore he said that Islam was a religion established cannons of deliberative justice rather than mob lynching. Those who have committed such act have neither served Islam, nor Pakistan. People belonging to different religious sects and school of thoughts strongly condemn and believe that culprits have completely committed an un-Islamic and inhuman act. Inter- Services Public Relations (ISPR) in a message said that cold-blooded murder of Srilankan citizen is extremely regrettable, condemnable and shameful act and termed it as extra judicial vigilante attack and can’t be condoned at any cost. The Chief of Pakistan Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa directed to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice. Probably the expected negative implications of this murder on Pakistan’s industry would be very serious and disappointing. Sialkot incident not only damaged the image and picture of Pakistan but also defamed Islamic laws and teachings as a religion of peace, forgiving, endurance and mercy. How we Muslims make Non-Muslims believe that Islam is religion of peace and mercifulness? This recent barbarous act of violators made both nation and Muslims shameful. The Prophet of Mercy (peace be upon him) always preached and propagated the true message of Islam by winning the hearts of even bitter enemies of new creed through peaceful manner of love, affection, harmony and brotherhood. He urged that “Forgiveness is better than revenge.” It is our religious faith that illegal killing of an innocent man is tantamount to killing of whole humanity. The justice is yet to be done with the grieved family whose bread earner has been tortured to death and later on dead body was burnt on the road.It is pertinent to mention here that few years ago in the same way two teenage brothers were mercilessly beaten to death by angry mob on the accusation of dacoity in same city of Sialkot. These are extra judicial killings and must be controlled by the state otherwise the country will be at the mercy of rule of jungle. Let’s promote true message of Islam in the world and condemn every type of extremism, sectarianism, racism, barbarism, terrorism and violence in society.