Storm in tea-cup


Sajjad Hussain Cheehani
Islam is religion of peace that stresses on humanity indifferent to caste, colour & creed. Islam says, “Killing one innocent man worth killing humanity.”Sialkot incident have roused people to grief & agony coupled with anger globally.The lynching of an innocent man who was burnt to ashes is a question mark on our religious fanatics.Our leadership is trying harder to present soft image of Pakistan on each global forum but such incidents are portraying us as extremists around the world.Blasphemy has been an easy-to-use weapon for people which gives them licence to kill anyone.Our judicial system must come up with some unpardonable punishments against such ruthless crimes.The man who made his way to Pakistan for earning bread and butter for his family is tortured to death in such a manner as it was not a murder but act of virtue. People, who have completely forgotten the teachings of Islam, were busy in making selfies over the burning corpse.These visuals can’t be blotted away unless all those people involved in the crime are put behind the bars and charged with death penalty as per penal code 302.We shouldn’t use Islam as weapon to demolish our image at global levels, but, we should prove ourselves as Muslims not only by name but acts.