Proficiency Lacking

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Fawad Hussain Samo
Post qualification and experience needed when government departments advertise any post laying vacant. Before offering an appointment order, the concerned department investigates the character of the candidate, whether he was engaged in any political or any other social crime. Age is requisite as well. However, in politics, ministers in province or federal ministers ruling the people of Pakistan are eligible to rule. There is no requirement for politicians. What cases does he want? How long did he stay in jail? How much expertise does he have in the relevant field? Are they having post qualification and experience for running the ministry? Especially, our education, science and technology, agriculture, industry, and economics are the ministries we have observed that ministers, who are not relevant with the ministry given to them, are looking after the ministries based on liking and disliking. Efficiency is seen in words but in practical terms they are not going with the qualifications. Moreover, if any citizen applies for any job, he is required to fulfil the requirements of the post applied for. Apart from it, there is an age limit for government jobs in any department. But there is no age limit in politics. Whatever age it may be, he is eligible to rule the people and deal with sensitive issues of the country. If we peep into history, we would come to know that due to economic failure, poverty, corruption, political instability and law and order governments failed. Question arises that poor policies caused worse economic conditions, poverty, inflation, and corruption. Inefficient people could not produce strong policies. Expertise needed to come up with healthy policies. If prowess hadn’t been important, it wouldn’t have been mandatory to acquire skill in a particular field and subject. Unfortunately, in our country generation to generation, politics has been practiced and prowess has never been focused. That’s why we have craptastic education, agriculture, health, and the economy of the country. Almost all the ministers, who are not acquainted with the field handed over to them, are diverted and distracted by opposition parties engaged in political tug of war on t.v talk shows.

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