Pakistan Jamhori League demands immediate punishment to Sialkot tragedy terrorists

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Lahore:   Pakistan Jamhori League has demanded a military operation against extremists and their facilitators across the country, terrorist-like measures are also required against those who take the law into their own hands. The entire nation is with the government and other security forces, including the Pakistan Army, for the operation against the extremists and no sacrifice will be spared.On Sunday while talking to Party delegations Chairman of Pakistan Jamhori League Rana Zaman Saeed, along with the party Secretary General Sohail Ahmed and others, said that those involved in the Sialkot tragedy should be set as an example in such a way that no one would dare to take the law into their own hands in future. The people involved in this tragedy are tarnishing Pakistan’s image all over the world. The leadership of religious parties must also come out openly against such extremist elementsRana Zaman Saeed said that the present government and security agencies should launch a full-scale operation against extremists and their facilitators in all four provinces of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, so that they can be eradicated. These people are also becoming the biggest threat to peace in the country and Pakistan can never tolerate the intentions of such elements. In any case, we have to make the country a real cradle of peace by defeating the extremists. He said that extremist elements are no less than terrorists and therefore action against them like terrorists is needed today not tomorrow and there should be no further delay in the operation against them

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