Haq Do Balochistan Tehreek”


Aurangzeb Nadir
The last 19 days sitting down is continued in Gwadar for basic rights. Gwadar is called the heart of Pakistan but unfortunately, the inhabitants of Gwadar and Mekran Division are on sitting down but the government is failed to fulfill their demands, it is ashamed for the ruling government .In media, Gwadar is presented that Gwadar crossed the limit of development but the reality is the opposite of it. Not only men are protesting, sitting down also women and children are participating, Some days ago Women held the largest protest in the history of Balochistan source their basic rights. Some main demands are below. 1. Recovery of missing persons 2. Illegal foreign trawling in the sea from Ormara, Gwadar to Jiwani banned. 3. Elimination of token system 4. Freedom for every fisherman to hunt freely in the sea 5. The licenses of all pubs in Gwadar should be revoked 6. Customs and Coast Guard at the Iranian border give freedom to the people of Gwadar to bring groceries. 7. Return to owners of all boats and vehicles confiscated by Coast Guard and Customs. 8_.Water supply to Darbila, Ziarat Machhi, Nagor, Pushkin, and Jawani areas. 9. Equal pay for employees belonging to Gwadar Balochistan and employees of other areas under C-Pack 10. Providing maximum employment to the unemployed youth of Gwadar. These are demands and the government accepted that demands are legal but still the government is failed. Several times Balochistan government representatives talks with them and also accepted some demands and also issued notifications but only limited to notifications and so far not being implemented no them. Finally, My request is to the government of Balochistan and the Federal government to fulfill their demands as soon as possible.