Challenges, we face in our country

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Saeeda Aziz
In fact, it is the nature of every human being that always, they want to lead this life peacefully, comfortably, and independently, among great happiness and joys of the mortal world. But in Pakistan, there are some issues going on now in the country that makes the lives of people unpeaceful and make their life’s difficulty. Terrorism, unemployment and corruption are the challenges which makes the lives of people difficult. Terrorism is one of the most dangerous challenges in our country. By every day people washed their hands from their lives. Terrorism has been on the rise in our country and in other countries for several years. General dissatisfaction and the whole social system is the responsible for terrorism. Unemployment is also a great challenge in our country. Many educated and young people cannot play their role owing to no opportunities of serving in any corner of our country, therefore, they are discouraged and they destroy their life. By this unemployment, we are loosing many youths of our country which are future of their country. Corruption is an indecent, derogatory, pernicious, pervasive immoral and stinking term. Corruption is the a vacious habit and practice that is prevalent in one or the other in whole human society. It is a regrettable common feature of public life in all the developing countries of the world. There is no government department, private business and other social institutions free from corruption. It is found in all walks and spheres of life. These all problems can be solved, if we get an education, act upon the instructions of Islam, brings leaders to assemblies for ruling and our brighten the future of our country.

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