Students in trouble

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Liaqat Muhammad Anwar
The current issue which whole Balochistan is facing is the lack of career council ,our guiders even teachers ,professors or lectures are can not bother themselves to provide career counseling to their students which is one of core issue our youngs are facing and on the other hand the forceful wishes of the parents made a trend of specific profession of choice which need to be changed in our society, without career councilling as if someone is going on the track which has no destination after realizing the true field he or she could be perfect then it becomes too late. There are so many athletes who are uneducated but due to the perfect choice of their career now they are legends like Abdul Razaq and Shoaib Akhtar. There are thousands of degree holders but due to their aimless choices their skills and degrees are not more than a piece of paper. Also we have observed that students ask their companions to tell them which field they are going to chose. Presently there are still many of students who are selecting the fields where they are not good enough and the result comes they fail. Our guiders just ask which field we are going to chose but they even do not give any brief about the field which we have selected then this situation highlights that students have wasted their wealth,energy and time. The countries like Germany, France,Pinland, etc have really focused on career councilling of their students and now we can see that how much they have developed.However we have to concentrate more on career councilling because it had distroyed the future of he students.

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