Sindh celebrates Culture Day as Education Day!

Noor Khan Bakhrani
The civilization and culture of Sindh is five thousand years old and mainly associated with Moen-Jo-Daro. The relics found from Moen-Jo-Daro are living example of our rich civilization and beautiful culture. The hospitality of Sindhi people is very famous. We are proud of our motherland which is rich in culture, civilization, language and stylish dressing of wearing Sindhi cap and tying white turbans on their heads. The fertile soil of Sindh is also rich in natural resources which adds to the prosperity and natural beauty. Sindh possesses a unique position in the world due to geographic location and its excellent and flourishing culture. Sindh is the motherland of mystic poet and king of saints Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Qalandar Lal Shahbaz, linguistic poet Sachal Sarmast and ustad Bukhari who always promoted peace, love and affection among their lovers, disciples, devotees and fans. With the advent of month December every year Kawish media group and team of KTN channel along with whole Sindhi media groups celebrate Sindh Culture day with the spirit of national zeal and zest through out the province. The excitement and enthusiasm of young and old, boys as well as girls to celebrate this festival is worth observing. The role of Sindhi media to arrange Culture Day celebrations is highly commendable and appreciable. As the month of December approaches nearer students wear Sindhi caps, tie traditional turbans and wear Sindhi Ajrak to tribute their years old rich Sindhi Culture. Special programs, educational seminars, musical shows and concerts are arranged to highlight Culture Day in the world. This time Sindhi media announces to celebrate “Cultural_Day” on 5th December under the umbrella and name of “Get education and make Sindh rich and prosper.” The intellectual, civil society, students and parents not only welcomed and lauded this decision but also vowed to participate in the Culture Day celebrations with pomp and show. In connection with Cultural Day I would like to draw the kind attention of intellectual class and civil society to come forward and play their vital role to bring all 4 to 5 years old children to public sector schools for better and bright future careers. Let’s own our educational institutions and co-operate with stakeholders to ensure quality education to our future generation. Time has already come that we should focus on education of our siblings and get rid of class system based society, slavery, so-called tribal chieftains and feudalism. This day reminds enlightened and learned class of society to make a vow to say adieu to outdated customs and rites of thralldom and do away from the chains of feudalism system which has utterly made us mentally slave and submissive. Its high time to educate our kids and fortify the pillars of foundation moving towards real progress and prosperity in order to stand on their own feet rather than bowing down to feudal lords.

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