Wastage of food

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Lareb Aman Abro
Pakistan is the country where a large number of poor people sleep with hungry, multiple people are deprived from food due to poverty and they sleep without eating. So as a human it’s the responsibility of the rich ones to help the poor indigent people but it is disheartening to say that instead of providing the food to the Poor’s the food is being wasted. According to report around 40 percent of food is wasted in the weddings, homes, parties and hotels. It is not acceptable in Islam to waste food as Allah forbade muslims to do so. Islam largely emphasise the requirement to take care of one’s neighbour. “Not a believer who sleeps and his neighbour is hungry”.However in place of wasting the food it’s better to provide them to the one’s who don’t get food for numerous days. So one should provide the food to the needy ones in place of wasting it.

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