Violent Parents

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Saeeda Aziz
No one wants to think their parents are abusive but many parents are. Hundreds of thousands of kids around the world struggle with families abuse every year. And the problem is most kids do not know what abuse actually looks like. Parents are physically violent with their children. They beat their children
in order to control them but they do not know physical violence will destroy their children's lives .parents believe that for good reason we beat our children but according to US human health department there is never a good reason to physically abuse the child. Parents are verbally abusive.
Verbal abuse can be a tricky thing to identify. Many kids do not realize their parents are even being abusive but personal attacks, criticisms and other wounding comments are a common form of emotional abuse. Verbal attacks may never leave physical scars, but aggressive and deflating comments
can damage the child emotionally. After years of verbal abuse, many children struggle to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem. The parents have to know that how they should behave with their child. They should treat them with love.

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