Missing Students

Javeria Ahmed
Despite the killing of young students, now our cruel system has started to disappear our students from educational institutes. It has become a system for them to torture the innocent spirits and take them away. Recently, in Balochistan University of Quetta two young decent students were abducted by unknown people. Sadly, due to these cold blooded anonymous folks thousands of educated balochs have taken up arms against the state because of the growing poverty, human rights violations and incidents of rapes. There is no expectation of justice from them. Morever, the list of disappeared students and mysterious deaths are increasing day by day. Unfortunately, the victimized families are thrilled to keep silence.Consequently, the story of missing students is long, but who dares to talk about the secret torture cells where the missing persons are kept for decades. Even the media has kept silence on it. The baloch seeks answers.

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