Rumi And The Modern Reader.


Qasim Kashmiri

Reading books has been a divine and rapturous tradition for the centuries and the poetry is one of the misread segment of literature where readers take the lines and the insights the way they crave. sufiism is one of the pillars of great sources to highlight the relation between the God and the man, moreover it directs one to leap into the ocean of spiritual being but what if those divines words would be related to romanticism and nudity of modem filth which has disparaged that very poetry and dragged it to the field of absurdity? In the field of poetry one of our beloved Poet, Moulana Jallaldin Rumi is widely misread when his poetry comes before the readers .our young generation is strongly impressed and inspired by his work and his quotes are acquiescently used to describe the filth and the lustful desires of modern man and women through various means which goes untied even thinking that a part of lusty impression. The topic or we can say the make-up that Rumi has talked about is love, he says that love is the water of the life, love is not a subtle argument even he says all I see of this sprit is love, though he has registered love as the means to live the life, even he believes that life without the purpose of love is ethereal element. He had given more significance to soul than body and only the soul can deeply be found in the love but what he believes to say is to love with the God beyond all other parameters and what our reader mostly mean by those poems is not love between the two individuals which can never be explained with the intensity that Rumi already had exhibited in his work. The biggest tragedy with Moulana’s poetry is when his work is compared with western poets and soaked in the pool of romanticism .It does not happen rarely but very often because most of his readers and so called lovers fit him in the frame of worldly mirror while Rumi never praised about the worldly love and whatever it possesses he always threw his ball elsewhere where a few readers reach and get blessed. Understating Rumi means to forget world for a while and open the inward eyes where the real eyes hear and the ears see. forgetting about self does not mean to understand him but he talks about an absolute wisdom and reality with the highest pitch of spiritual touch .knowing Rumi means to enter the paradise of sanity with the glasses of insanity he can never be taken lightly or compared with any writers of the world , he is the age in himself. Rumi has outstanding contribution that helps to tie up the connection with the man and the God. Those who use his lines for their girlfriends and boyfriends or even for some romantic sheet they should read deeply about him. Rumi friendship with Tabriz is not enough to know him no matter he had written twenty six thousand verses about Tabrez after their painful departure but there is much more apart from this. Rumi can be understood after giving up sobriety and worldly abstinence, he is the only poet who let us know that love cannot be only the part of bodily engagements abut is rather the portion of soul engagement that takes us to God and makes us the better humans.