Road Accidents in Turbat


Hawa Ali Bakhsh

Turbat is the second biggest city of Balochistan province. Now a days, road Accidents in Turbat is one of the major issues. Moreover, on a daily basis, road Accidents cases in Turbat are rapidly increasing. There are many reasons behind the horrific accidents in the city. Some of the major causes of the road Accidents are over speed driving, lack of traffic signals and traffic police, underaged drivers and unbalanced and single roads. During the last one month, approximately, 12 people lost their lives in several road Accidents in Turbat. On the other hand, many people have got paralyzed. Shockingly, the district administration and other concerned authorities have kept silent in this regard. I finally request the higher authorities to look into this matter seriously and this issue maybe treaty on top priority. Secondly, the unlicensed drivers must be punished and should be strictly dealt in accordance with law in order to reduce the road Accidents in Turbat.