Opposition unaware of electronic voting so denies to support PTI: Onaza Ehsan

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Lahore(Parliament Times):Punjab Governor’s Advisor Onaza Ehsan has said that the opposition is opposing electronic voting because of the fear of its defeat in the next general elections, but the intentions of the opposition will not be fulfilled in any case. Next General Elections will be held in 2023 and PTI will come to power again. Those who do not know anything about the voting machine are finding faults in it and are misguiding the public. The people are with the government and they have rejected the opposition’s narrative on every forum.Talking to party delegations from different districts at Governor House, Advisor to Governor Punjab, Onaza Ehsan said that the story of rigging in the country will end forever after the next general elections will take place through electronic voting machine. The electronic voting machine reveal results within minutes, not hours. The opposition should also play its role in strengthening democracy and institutions instead of opposing every decision of the government. He said that the opposition parties wanted no one to question the corrupt but Prime Minister Imran Khan had repeatedly made it clear to the nation that the corrupt would not get NRO in any case.He said that the people have given a five-year mandate to the PTI government and therefore the government does not care whether the opposition runs a protest or initiate any anti-government campaign.  The general elections will be held in 2023. The decision will once again be in favour of PTI  and the next government will not be of the opposition but of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, adding that  Imran Khan will become the Prime Minister of Pakistan once again. He said that the Pakistani nation is still suffering the consequences of the corrupt and failed policies of the previous governments and the nation will never forgive the corrupt politicians.

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