Soon country’s financial crisis could end via vision of PM Khan: Onaza Ehsan


Lahore: Governor Punjab’s Advisor Mrs Onaza Ehsan has said that democracy can be strengthened only by cleansing Pakistani politics from corruption. Impartial accountability has become essential for the development and stability of Pakistan. By giving overseas Pakistanis the right to vote, Prime Minister Imran Khan has proved that they do what they say. InshAllah in coming days, problems like inflation and unemployment will be completely eradicated from the country and Pakistan will move ahead with success.During a meeting with delegations including overseas Pakistanis at her office at Governor House, Governor Punjab’s Advisor Onaza Ehsan said that there is no doubt that Prime Minister Imran Khan is working with his team to make Pakistan strong and prosperous with complete honesty and with each passing day, Pakistan is succeeding at the economic front. When Pakistan economy will grow, people’s problem will aslo be solved.Onaza Ehsan said that when PTI government came to power, Pakistan was at the verge of bankrupt, but the government with its successful strategy saved Pakistan from going bankrupt and today, Pakistan’s economic development is being recognized by all international organizations and giving the right to vote to overseas Pakistanis is also a historic step of the present government. There is no precedent in the past for the steps being taken by the present government to solve the problems of overseas Pakistanis. Our actions are speaking and practical steps are being taken to make the country strong and prosperous.

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