Government not prioritizing journalists so they suicide: Speakers

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Malir, (Correspondent) : Awami press club Malir arranged ceremony in the honor of print media editors at Murad Memon village where Daily Halchal newspaper’s Younus Mahar, Daily Ekta newspaper’s editor Javed Mahar and Daily Awami Awaz newspaper’s executive editor Hamida Ghanghro participated as a chief guest also political, social leaders, journalist, different professional peoples and local people participated immensely.
Chief guests were offered Ajraks in ceremony.
President of APCM Saami Memon introduced Press Club and its many achievements and accomplishments to ceremony participants.

On that occasion Younus Mahar, Javed Mahar, Hamida Gangro, Yaqoob Khaskheli, Kashif Khaskheli and others addressed ceremony and said that journalism is not a hot cake job which every one can not do.
They said that journalists of Sindh have been made homeless and supportless and there is no preference is given to journalists by federal and provincial governments that’s why they are committing suicide after being constrained but governments are not looking serious to resolve the issues of them.
They said that feudalism has come on summit in Sindh due to what massacre is found throughout Sindh against which there is a need to have frequent efforts. Editors invited public of Sindh to join seminar on 4 December at Karachi.
At the end of reception ceremony general secretary of Awami Press Club Malir Younus Azad thanked all guests who came to attend ceremony with admirable and thanking worlds.

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