Cryptic Murder or Suicide of Dr Nausheen Kazmi

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Fawad Hussain Samo
CMC larkana has become suicide place for girls students. CMC management declared that the girl had committed suicide in girl’s hostile room. Some time ago Dr. Nimarta, who belonged to ghotaki, said to have committed suicide. What are the reasons behind suicide? Her father told media that the concept of committing suicide couldn’t come in the mind of late Dr. Naosheen. She was to have said ever so religious girl. University management defames the reputation of Dr Nausheen by spreading wrong information about her murder. Why were only girls victim and inclined to committing suicide? Why only the girls who reached in final year of MBBS were committing suicide? Where was the hostile in charge? What are her responsibilities at girls hostile? Why were all the students sent to their homes after the murder or suicide of Dr. Nasreen Kazmi? Is there no check and balance to keep update the hostile CMC management after such grave incidents had come about in recent past. What measures and precautionary steps had taken CMC management after the previous suicide incident happened? Who is responsible? The person who committed suicide is responsible or the management, vice chancellor, Hostile In charge or teachers are responsible? Who will be blamed for suicide? That The attitude and behavior of CMC management compel the female students to take their lives. Life, which is the gift to man by Allah Almighty. If, the girl who committed suicide was responsible, that due to psychological reasons that girls are committing suicide. Has CMC ever tried to know that, what were the psychological aspects of suicide? It was not the murder revealed in the autopsy report. What forced the female students to take their lives? And those adverse effects should be worked out and the students and parents must be imparted knowledge about those things. Parents disclosed regarding Nausheen’s complaint against Chiral girl who was her roommate. She was unhappy with the Chitrali girl and requested several times to university management for changing her room. However, university management disregarded her application. Questions regarding university management and the roommate who was in difference of opinion with Dr. Nausheen are existing in the mind of parents. Judiciary inquiry should be constituted to get through the case of Dr Nausheen . Dr Anita, Rehman, Vice Chancellor CMC, is going to America for month leave. So, her going on leave will make the inquiry weak. The presence of the head of the institute is mandatory to face the inquiry needed to proceed the case.

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