The single canal with polluted water

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Naveed Ahmed
Beautiful Balochistan is a land like a paradise which contains most of objects and basic resources in it. On the other hand, it is bigger than one hundred twenty countries in the whole globe. however, the city in it is deprived of water even. I can say most of the population in Hub City is possessionless of water which is a basic demand for surviving. The city’s need for water is being full filled by Hub Dam. The single canal which is used for water to urban and rural areas of this city passes through different forests, deserts, factories, towns and numerous areas of Hub city.Firstly, one can’t see water in it which means it is empty most of the time. Fortunately, if it rains then the employees leave water. However, once in a time, wind make it full with dust, rappers, trashes. Except it, factories throw their harmful wastes inside this and due to inappropriate canal, the grass has grown in a big limit which bounds water to reach to it’s destination. Nextly, we as a citizen, wash our vehicles across it. Chemicals of same vehicles go in water and on the one hand, tankers take water to homes. Due to less water female go to canal for washing clothes. As it is an alarming sign. Unexpectedly, the price of one tanker is in one thousand. Most Importantantly, this city is in one of the resourceful provinces and it itself is industrialization. one thing more, Leida is also in it which controls every problem0However, this issue is seemed incompleted yet. Undoubtedly, in summer season, citizens swim or take bath in water and we drink the same water. In addition, Corners of Canal are broken due to which water changes the way.Except above things, factories Fentch water for completing their own needs. Gatroon factory takes most of the water which is huge and famous in Hub City.Importantly, if we endeavor to talk about crops of farmers which are shriveled every year due to no water. This causes food availability, safety and marketing. Food security is caused by same thing. Except above mentioned things, residence of Hub city drink the same unhygienic water which puts the lives of citizens at dangerous risk who use the same water to quench their thirst.Additionally, majority of population is facing undrinkable water which is not only creating several new diseases but also taking the lives of people who are even unable to have their treatment from hospitals after suffering from these incurable diseases.Unfortunately, the problem of polluted water is everywhere in Hub city, due to which generation is dying. It is my humble request to concerned authorities to finish this problem. In order to save new generation, there is need for laws to rootout this issue.

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