The power of poverty in Pakistan

Sayad Dilmurad
We know that poverty is one of the powerful phenomena health less. It is one of the realities, Balochistan’s total population is out of 12.34 million. But is sad to say that in 2018-19 as the lowest percentage of poverty, was recorded in the province of Balochistan at 40.7 million. But The poverty rate in Balochistan has increased from 40% to 68% during the three months of the lockdown imposed to curb the novel coronavirus, government spokesperson Liaquat Shahwani said on Friday. The number of people below the poverty line in the province was initially 800,000.26-Jun-. Moreover, Balochistan is already one of the poor provinces of Pakistan where the poverty rate is too high. So due to poverty, Balochistan is not developing. At last, it is my humble request to the government of Pakistan and P.M Imran khan to look after the poverty in Balochistan.

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