Report about bringing mini budget by govt rings alarming bells for national economy: Mian Shahbaz Sharif


LAHORE:    PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif has said reports about bringing mini budget by the government under IMF conditions is alarming bell for the national security.

“What I had said to nation that government will bring another mini budget under IMF conditionalities have proved correct and government once again has been proved untrue. Government lied to the nation and parliament. Government has once again played a criminal role in safeguarding the national interests] , he said this in a statement issued here Monday.

He held “I have repeatedly warned. This has proved a conspiracy against the economic sovereignty of Pakistan.

Besides mini budget, legislation regarding state bank of Pakistan and GST will make Pakistan economic slave to IMF and governor viceroy of IMF, he cautioned.

The threats loom large that the prevailing condition of IMF will cripple country defence capability and governance system in future, he added.

He demanded that Imran Khan should step down rather than bringing mini budget. The government allied parties should stand against the mini budget in national interest. Approving the mini budget is tantamount to affixing stamp of slavery on the future of Pakistani naton. We along with combined opposition will counter anti people mini budget and legislation tooth and nail. We will hamper government bids.

The mini budget is death warrant for the poverty stricken nation, he underlined. There will be more hike in the prices of sugar, petrol, electricity and gask.

The poverty has crossed the line of oppression. Increase in taxes will make a dent in business. The economy volume will further be squeezed and million of people will be rendered jobless, he remarked.