Petrol Prices

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Zunaira Riaz
Inflation in Pakistan is currently reaching its highest level. Every department has become dangerously corrupt. This includes financial, legal and moral corruption. There is legitimate work here. In return, bribes are paid when the value of the national rupee is determined according to non-shariah standards and it is made a bond of foreign currency and the prices of commodities in the country are increased according to the currency, then the people go hungry. Will die Rising petrol prices are skyrocketing in the country at the moment, with the common man worried about bread. Rickshaw drivers because of these small prices. Bus driver student. Everyone is worried about earning a living through these resources. If prices continue to rise then people will start traveling on donkeys in rickshaws and they will not be far away when donkeys will be seen running on the road instead of these vehicles. How will the people connected with these resources go home and light the stove when they will not be able to make a profit from it? First lockdown. The virus and now this rising inflation is breaking the backs of the people day by day. The people are protesting. Rising petrol prices are jamming the wheel of employment for the people. Strikes and protests are not enough for these prices. The government should look into reducing them and form a committee to control the rising prices. The government should refrain from raising the prices so much that it does not force the people who have been exposed to the virus last year to starve to death. Please don’t put so much pressure on the backs of the people.


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