Ban Importing

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Siraj Ahmad
Pakistanis imported vehicles worth $266.2 million during the first three months of the current fiscal year.Last year, the figure stood at $34.6 million.Sources say the government is taking different measures to restrain imports of expensive and luxury cars. As the Pakistan masses facing a lot of issue regarding inflation, poverty and disappointment in this tenure, so then what was the emergency to import such costly vehicles, this importing of cost vehicles not only shows that how much government is less concern about the problems of common people. More than 80% of Masse’s of Pakistan are hand to mouth, but this illusion and instability pushing their facilities in heap, and the government is slapping them with heavy taxes that is very difficult for a person to hold such heavy weight. Pakistan is a rich country, having the great resources of economy, but due to having un strategic and less awareness about the technologies, the economy has been crushed. We don’t know why it’s happening, the politicians who are having the positions are might be aware that, how to stable the economy, but why they are silent, nobody knows. The only solution to save the country to being crushed, is to ban the import of goods, we should work on our own resources, this is the only solution in which we can stable the economic crises. Why should we import from other countries?

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