War of religions could emerge if propagandas against Muslims continue: Muzaffar


Islamabad,   (Parliament Times) : Muzaffar Seyyahaglu President International Welfare Organization Al-Khair Foundation Turkey, has said that the independence of Palestine and Kashmir and the welfare of the oppressed is our first priority. It is a great mistake to do favour Jews and Hindus, Muslims everywhere are suffering the consequences of this. If they still do not come to their senses then our generations will remember. He was talking to Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, President, Think Tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD here. Dr. Naji Alsarhi Member of Central community of Global collation for Quds and Palestine was also present in the meeting.
Muzaffar Seyyahaglu said that service to the oppressed and humanity is the real worship. We have started welfare work for the people of Palestine in Gaza and in future we will also work in Kashmir with Collaboration of INSPAD. He said that the role of Muslim states in conspiracies against Islam was extremely painful to every muslim.
They should be ashamed to cooperate with Jews and Hindus. If conspiracies against Muslims do not stop, it will be difficult to stop the war of religions and cultures. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance but by linking it with terrorism a new generation is being incited against Muslims which is intolerable practice. We must teach unity, harmony and tolerance through our strategy.
Dr. Tahir Tabassum has said that whenever Muslims abandoned Islamic teachings, principles and traditions, they faced failures and disgrace on every front. When the guardians of peace and justice start creating unrest and injustice, then it is only natural that the system should be overthrown. He said that the United Nations could not achieve the goals of its charter otherwise Kashmir, Palestine and others long standing disputes would be resolved. And millions of innocent Muslims in Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Burma, Afghanistan and Syria would not have been killed. The dream of peace and development in the world is not possible through oppression, injustice and force, for which a peaceful and lasting solution of Kashmir and Palestine is absolutely necessary, otherwise the peace of South Asia and the Middle East will be shattered.