Strong Economy make the stances strong

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Jawad Ahmed Awan
Nowadays, economy has the most powerful influence in the world that can make your stance more powerful. If you are weak economically your stances are considered weak as if economy were the criteria to consider the stances strong or weak. The paradigm is changing with passing of each day. The world is shifted from geo strategic to geo economic policies. If the economy is strong, you are the attention of the world. History is witness to this paradigm shift. Take the example of Kashmir. The strongest and leading countries of the world are not taking this issue seriously as they should have been taken. Despite illegal laws are being made in Indian occupies Kashmir. The innocent people of the Indian Occupied Kashmir IOK are facing atrocities, illegal detentions and long series of human rights violations. Pakistan has been strongly advocating the right of the innocent people of Kashmir to the different great plateforum of the world. Pakistan has been fighting the case of IOK Kashmir very loudly, but the world is not responding as they should. Either because of the personal interest or the world is too blind to see such atrocities’ here the economy also plays in inevitable role. The world is witness that those countries who are stable economically they are being listened very carefully. Their stances are stronger because they do not have anything to lose. They say their point of view very clearly and fearlessly. Those countries are economically stable are the most influential countries in terms of defending the corridors as well as. We have far more good example of Arabian countries those who have oil abundance and are good at economy are mostly influenced in Gulf countries. Recently, the UAE awarded the highest civil Award to the Fascist regime holder PM Modi just because of the economic interests. However, the UAE is very strong in terms of economy it has no fear of interdependence. If the country is more powerful its even smaller and likely inattentive problem likely become more attention seekers to the world. In contrast the countries which are no powerful in terms of economy are like a dot in the map of world. They are less likely being listed by the world. It does not matter how their problems biggest are. We have an example of Palestine. The Palestine has been burning and specially the Muslims are being exploited there ruthlessly but the world hardly pays attention to the suppressed people of Palestine. History has more examples of the economic powerful exploiters who always exploit the poor. It is obvious that economic stability is the most powerful tool to shackle the pillars of the rich nations so that they can be get up from the immense sleep and can take the issues more pragmatically. However, as per the ethics it is the responsibility of the strong to help the poor and the real essence of the alliance in the beginning of the 20st century was that to protect the weak from the strong. But unfortunately, due to economic influence people are likely more exploited. —————————————————————————————————

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