IK-led PTI regime brings the country at path of revolutionary progress, prosperity: AJK Prime Minister

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Altaf Hamid Rao.

KARACHI /MIRPUR (AJK),   (Parliament Times) : Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi on Sunday said “Imran Khan is the only vibrant highly-talented and leader of Pakistan whose bold steps have changed fate of the country with the advent of revolutionary era of socio-economic progress, prosperity and uplift of the country”.

He was talking to reporters soon after reaching at the residence of opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly Alim Adil Sheikh in Karachi on Sunday, the AJK Prime Minister office told media Sunday evening.

Sardar Qayyum Niazi said Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is the last ray of hope for the people of occupied Kashmir who have been struggling for their inalienable right to self determination. The Prime Minister said that Imran Khan had given a package of 300 billion rupees to the GB government which would usher in a new era of development and prosperity there.

He said the PTI government in Azad Kashmir took power in extremely difficult circumstances and the previous government has created more difficult conditions for us .He said the government will provide jobs on merit and will utilize all resources for the wellbeing of the people of the state and added that Azad Kashmir will be made a real base camp of the liberation struggle . He paid tribute to the people of occupied Kashmir for their courage and fortitude for facing Indian forces atrocities.

The Prime Minister said that despite using all tactics India has failed to suppress the freedom movement launched by the people of occupied Kashmir for attaining their fundamental right to self determination.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan by electing me as the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir from the area of the line of control has given a clear message to India that Kashmiri will not be intimidated by the Indian forces aggression and will they will continue their struggle till the complete liberation of occupied Kashmir from Indian clutches.

Speaking on the occasion the Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said that Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi is a well-versed politician and his family has been serving their people for a long time.

He said Imran Khan in the case of Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi chose the worker-friendly Prime Minister which caused a wave of happiness and jubilation among the PTI workers.

He said the Pakistani nation is with their Kashmiri brethren who have been offering tremendous sacrifices for the liberation of their mother land from Indian clutches.


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