PPP expresses concern over persistently falling price of rupee

ISLAMABAD:  PPP has expressed concern over persistently falling price of rupee saying the government has broken one more record of its incompetence.

PPP leader Sherry Rehman said the rupee weakened by Rs 6.2 during the last 20 days. Rupee has lost its value by Rs 50 since 2018.

It is not strange that country’s loans and payables volume has reached the level of 0.5 trillion. The economy is on ventilator. But you have not worry.

She went on to say that lack of confidence in the market and unstable situation of rupee is disastrous for the economy. Such uncertain situation of national economy has never ever been witnessed in the history of the country.

The economy has been handed over to International Monetary Fund (IMF), she said adding the economy has bankrupted but you have not to worry.

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