Woes of Awaran

Sidra Baloch
Awaran is a well known district of Balochistan. Number of people pay visit to Awaran in order to see the beauty of Awaran. However, many issues are faced to the residence of Awaran. Before it was great and it was as good as the other places but one incident took place in it that was the earthquake of 2013 which affected it badly and caused many issues in it . Moreover, Many people lost their lives and most of whom were injured . After that tragedy, there are no schools, Hospitals and parks are found . If any school rarely is located in it so that is deprived from basic facilities such as chairs, blackboards and so on. The teaches who are hired to render their survives in order to educate our nation stars, but they are compelled because how something can be carried out without basic commodities . Further, Children want to be educated and want to be the ones to do somethings for their country. It is said that countries and societies are developed where the nations is educated so our nation how can be educated without schools and teachers. It’s one of the major problems of district Awaran. The second issue on which I would like to draw your attention that is as necessary as the above hurdle is mentioned the problem is that in Awaran there is no hospital many people have problems about hospital .If someone comes to Karachi, they go very big hospital to see the doctors but what should poor people do ? They don’t have money to go to Karachi and get themselves checked in enormous hospitals. Lastly, I would like to illustrate about the problem which is also known as basic need of humans beings that is water .If they need water ,they go very far towards forest to bring water from there .Without water how they can live ? We all know water is very important for us It is requested to the government to take essentials steps to solve the problems of distract Awaran.

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