Covid 19 on Turbat


Zareena Shahbeer
Turbat as known is a populated headquarters of makran division. But, now Turbat conditions are very bad people are facing troubles with infection disease Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, In Turbat 70% people tested positive from COVID-19 disease, when hundred peoples does test of coronavirus then 70 persons surely are affected by coronavirus in Turbat. However, in hospital all facilities are not available there is no oxygen, bed and ventilator machines for corona test treatment. One the other hand, due to transportation people always travelling one cities to another this is main cause of Covid-19 to succembed Turbat. Due to this headless of Turbat irresponsibility COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day high. Now vaccinations are free from government side people should vaccinated and save their precious lives from world hazardous disease Covid-19. If we do not care about it. It destroyed Turbat people lives and Turbat will be back from it own population. I request to DC of Kech take a strong action immediately against of Turbat safes recovery and people should survive a peaceful life.