Reconstruct damaged bridge save lives: Residents

From Ghazi Ahmad

Shangla: The 350-foot-long suspension bridge / bridge built by the Kohistan Development Project in 1982 over the Indus River at Jambira, connecting Shangla District and Batgram District, is now completely dilapidated after being damaged by the 2010 floods. Due to the dilapidated condition of the bridge, the residents of the area are facing severe difficulties in getting around. The sound has been raised in every platform but no hearing has been held yet, the planks, pillars and ropes of this bridge are completely rotten which could collapse at any moment and cause loss of human lives. Residents of the area say that hundreds of people cross the bridge on a daily basis, school children, patients and women also cross the bridge. With your help we build and repair this bridge. The elected members of the constituency and the administration have been repeatedly informed but no one is willing to listen to us. They said that this is our only means of transportation if this bridge collapses Thousands of people will be cut off from the ground. Citizens have demanded the provincial government to ensure the reconstruction of the bridge on an emergency basis so that the bridge does not collapse and cause loss of human lives.

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