Debutant Dahani

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Sajjad Hussain Cheehani
Shahnawaz Dahani, the best bowler of PSL, was neglected in T20 world cup. He was taken to the event as extra in the squad. He was given odd jobs to do as bringing towel & water for the players. That is also a part of sportsmanship. But, his visuals of distributing cakes went viral on social media, which were portrayed in negative sense. The fuel to fire was added when Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, former Test Players, teased and taunted him in live program of Fakhar.e.Aalam saying that Dahani can do only this thing befitting manner. Such heart wrenching comments aroused fit of rage and anger in the people of Sindh.Dahani, who deserves, was supported on social media and PCB selection committee was time and again reminded by the general public to give Dahani a chance in the squad. Yesterday, the Dahani proved himself that he is neither naive player nor fit for being treated as waiter by senior players but he is the quality bowler and the future of Pakistan cricket.On his daring debut, Dahani took wicket against Bangladesh and constrained their score to the minimum.The talent must not be dumped under the carpet or thrown into the bin but be utilized in more befitting and promising manner as it may shine the future of our country.


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