The crises of government is worst in Pakistan

Samia Dehani
Pakistan is suffering from serious governance problems which are the causes of several factors. The most important reason is that the country is still being run on an ad hoc basis more than six decades of its existence. Taking a positive step of good governance means that the government should be responsive to the needs of people. No gap should emerge between the governor and governed. However, Pakistan has not been able to achieve the standards of good governance. Governance has become the single biggest problem of the country. All the other issues are linked with it. Moreover, the most serious threat confronted by the country today is the economic problem. The economy is in recession. The national budget continues to remain in deficit. We are not able to meet our expenditures. The economy is being run on the oxygen provided by IMF. The country has failed to undertake necessary fundamental reforms in the economy. we have failed to make long-term policies aiming for strengthening our economy by introducing painful structural reforms. Secondly, one of the most terrible problems confronting our country is the energy crisis. The country is suffering a prolong electricity problem. Workers are becoming jobless, exports are plummeting and Students cannot study. apart from it, the gas crisis has also raised it is ahead. Even Pakistan is rich in natural resources. It’s one of the most fertile countries in the world. Instead of these blessings, still,, people are suffering from these crises. However, we need to take stock of the disturbing situation and take effective steps. Pakistan needs visionary leadership.


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