Reopen Schools Again


Sattar Samad
Our Educational ministers have decided to close all institutions from four provinces in Pakistan. COVID-19 is a very hazardous issue in whole countries. Despite, closure of schools, all other shopping malls are carelessly opened without considering the COVID-19-19 a serious and threatening virus. As a result, all opened malls owners are not strictly warned to follow the SOPs for the sake of fighting the virus. If we over a glace, the State’s education ministers have a clearness concept with education. Firstly, they never think that the closure of educational institutes will create cognitive problems with students which can detect their cognitive learning. Secondly, it can be a problem for the students to lose their interest in education. After all, in future, the cognitive learning of students in Pakistan can be a common threat. The State with the education system makes learning a complicated warn for all students. The more we close educational institutes, the more we face threats for today’s world. Closure of schools, colleges and universities should not be a point of an excuse of earning money rather we should make it challenging to show the world that we are strongly fighting the virus by the source of pens and books. Conclusively, now it is time to reopen all educational institutes for fighting with a virus which should be named as a challenge in our educational study.