The Malala of Sindh

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Veerji Kolhi and Veermo Kolhi
Aansoo Bai kolhi is a basically disable. She born in the home of a farmer koonbho kolhi in the small village Meena-ji-Dhani, kunri. Despite of physically disability and poverty. Aansoo Bai has a heartely wish to educate her village’s girl, for whom there was not single school. However, Aansoo Bai has started a small school by herself to educate the kids and especially girls under the shadows of bushes.She has started a school voluntarily and performed role like character of “Sohni”. When she successfully started school, different barriers were came in her journey to stop this struggle and created different issues like no registration of school and sign boards were eliminated. Dispite of these hindrances, Aansoo Bai did not give up and knocked the door of media, Sindhi media helped her and became the voice of Aansoo Bai and high lighted the injustice and finally Aansoo Bai’s struggle succeded and voice of media, opened the eyes of PPP workers and met with Aansoo Bai kolhi and promised to register the school and got job,who was working voluntarily and also invited in the sindh Assembly and gifted Ajrak which is the cultural and traditional identity of the Sindhi people’s and titled as “Malala”.Aansoo Bai kolhi left her village and arrived at America to join the launching book ceremony of Malala yousaf zai, indeed! She is a rural and disable physically but the spirit was high, which made her famous and succed in her aim. The hero in the community of Aansoo Bai was Rooplo kolhi who fought with the Britishers for the Independence. Due to the poverty,our community has celebrated himself in the field of education. This Darawarr people has always made good relationship in the difficult time with the society. The role of Aansoo Bai kolhi is like Malala yousaf zai and called her Malala of sindh. The poor people will remember her always and especially students of that school,whom she taught with heart and soul.


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