How to survive in the web of inflation


Fozia Naz Samo
I am a housewife who renders my services for the family. I was sitting free when there was no electricity. In city life where you have been living on flats, it is immensely hard to perform your house chores without electricity. We housewives encounter grave problems in our daily life when there is prolonged loadsheding of electricity and gas crisis which is an imminent problem in the coming month in December. I was thinking about what Naya Pakistan has given us. In the past we were not worried about our children’s future. But nowadays we are facing innumerable problems which can not be realised by Writing on paper. Nowadays, everyone is perturbed about costly things. Either they are edible things or daily use of life. Every person is destroyed financially. The poor have become beggars and white collar workers are dying with shame. How should they ask for things needed? Our children are deprived of education. We can’t even admit them in government schools. We can’t afford daily pocket money for children to go to school.who should we blame? We have heard from our ancestors that we don’t discuss what others have done, we just see what we have done. So we have always been watching politicians fighting over their own political statements against one another to shine their politics. It is history in Pakistan that they just play leg pulling and find faults with the government in power. Likewise the incumbent government is distracted from attending to the issues and problems faced by the people. This government has really disappointed the poor. It was covid19 waves that affected our lives immensely that we could keep safe ourselves by wearing masks and using sanitizers from covid19 but what should we do to keep alive to escape the waves of inflation prevailing at the moment all over the country. On the one side the government is trying to keep people away from covid 19 on other side the people are driven to commit suicide because of price hike. The poor are compelled to sell even their children to get their near ones treated. They can’t travel to attend funerals or marriage ceremonies of their near ones. However life has gone hard to live in consecutives waves of inflation that has affected the poor badly.