Electronic Voter Machine


Saddam Babar Solangi
In the current electoral system, many cases of fraudulent voting are pending in the country’s high courts. Whenever a party loses the election, it accuses the winning party of cheating, and for five years the same spectacle has been kept secret from TV to intersection. Each party’s press conference has its own history, from counting votes to fake voting registration and allegations of ghost polling stations, but unfortunately being part of this reform of the PTI government has left many opposition members. Not only are the parties reluctant, but now there is intense tension among stakeholders regarding the use of EVM. The Government is constantly striving to make the people confident in this regard that we want to make the country’s electoral process transparent and modern, for the sake of making people feel that they are elected by their representatives. Sending them forward, he is their real representative and there is no point in succeeding through fraudulent, fraudulent votes so that they can serve their country and nation more effectively than in the past. Good and talented people can play their role for the betterment of the country by reaching Parliament. Federal Minister for Science and Technology Shibli Faraz announced in response to criticism from opposition parties that anyone who managed to hack a machine at the local level would be given a reward of one million rupees. Na-133 also urged to conduct the Lahore by-elections through EVM so that by using the experience of the by-elections, this technology could be used across the country in the General Election of 2023. There is no doubt that in the dimensions of Pakistan, it is not an easy target to go to the polls with this new technology. In 2018 elections around the country, around 85000 polling stations and about 248,000 polling booths have been set up which is certainly after the new census. However, with new technology, elections will continue to grow Successful holding will put Pakistan in the ranks of countries where after the holding of transparent elections, representative governments have changed their destiny. Where Pakistan stands today, the situation demands that attitudes and issues that are hurting the country should be avoided and all should work together for positive and better reforms for the wider national interest. So that transparency in the electoral process should allow a large number of people to once again cast their vote on the voice of their conscience to their favourite candidate and not be afraid that their vote will be stolen. EVM is a good step forward in bringing the confidence of the people back to the electoral process. There is no doubt that much work needs to be done in this regard, but it is certain that innovation and revolutionary changes in the electoral process in New Pakistan are the guarantee of a clean, transparent and representative government.