Children Day


Waliullah Noonari
A children is dedicated to all the children living around the world . Children are like soft flower who are innocent, honest, naughty and tension free etc. The children day is celebrated on 20 November worldwide. It is not a children day but its children weak because in different states children day is celebrated on different days but officially its celebrated on 20th of the November which declared by united nation assembly. Basically this day is honour to child labour and remind us to reduce child labour among us. In poor regions or countries a child doesn’t get basic right of education. As every human has their rights,a child is also a human so why don’t they get their rights? When they get their education and rights the country will be getting success itself. This world is half without children. Half of the earth’s shine are children. As We grow our plants or flowers by giving them water likewise we should also give love and respect to every children to grow them in good habits, good mental health, good thinking. By giving love and respect to children its affect a children in fabulous way. On this child day lets stand together against child labor and start respecting and loving children.