The Most Inspiring Woman


Naeem Kandwal
Gender differences have been widely observed among developing countries whenever it comes to investigate the position of women on research grounds. To keep balance for social justice and to attain the prosperity, it is required to empower women. Empowered women can change the World. Empowering women and girls is a key factor for economic and social development. We all believe in empowering Women and Girls with education and economic development. We all want to change the lives of impoverished women and girls for powerful futures. It is not impossible but it requires a great deal of effort. Aiman Sami Khan, a brave woman aims to empower Pakistani women all over the world. She is making an effort to seek them, raising the status of women through promote their business and make them come forward with confidence. Aiman named her members, Womenzians. She is a great example of women empowerment. Aiman Sami Khan is a highly educated woman. She has done MBA Marketing. She founded a group on social media by the name of Womenza Pakistan on 28th April 2017 for sole purpose of supporting women entrepreneurs working from home or those who are running home based businesses. With this group she aims to help women who are trying to create a positive contribution for the society that we live in. She is the mother of 4 beautiful daughters. When i asked her about Womenza, she said: ”We do a lot collaborations that keeps us going. Our group is going fine and Alhamdulillah currently we have around 35,000+ ladies on the our group. we support thousands of females by creating networking opportunities for them and we also try to create client-chains globally. We organized 6 successful meet-up sessions, networking sessions, product display exhibitions. At these events people come, socialize, do networking and display their work products. This gives them good exposure and they get response from all around. We also do lo of sessions on women-health, business-development, self-grooming, time-management and other soft skills. We want to make every woman’s financial independent. Womenza Pakistan is a group which provides platform to the new female entrepreneurs’ national and international both, who have the talent but don’t have access to multimedia world. Womenza Pakistan gives courage and provide them a road to successful marketing techniques and also to polish their skills. We promote all the work including handmade crafts, food, clothes wear and makeup. You name it we have it. Our products are of finest quality as well as tried and tested. We guarantee you the quality and authenticity. We ship worldwide.” To me, Aiman Sami Khan is one of the most successful women in Pakistan. When i asked about her achievements, she said: ”Alhamdulillah I am founder of Pakistan’s leading entrepreneur community Womenza Pakistan. I have done 9 Business Meetup and one successful Exhibition IBA Entrepreneurship Ambassador 2020 2021. I have received many Awards.” When i asked about her future plans, she said: ”My future plan is working on my Website which is Working 80% for Women Entrepreneurs and 20% men who lost business in Covid.” Undoubtedly, Aiman is a role model for youth. When i asked what message would you like to send to young generation, she said: ”Be positive humble and do Hardworking Make objectives and goals for you careers too.” Aiman is an inspiration and role model for many women and young girls who look up to her and follow her steps to give back to the society. She is a strong believer in encouraging women and has formed Womenza to mentor, guide and nourish the talents of youth positively. She is a multitalented woman. She is fighting for gender equality. She is empowering Pakistani women all over the world. She is a precious asset to our Nation. Her extraordinary services to our nation are highly commendable. Undoubtedly, she one of the most inspiring women in Pakistan.