The Brief history of polio in Pakistan


Abdul Jabbar
The complaint is one of the numerous glasses we can use to understand ourselves and the societies we live in. the poliovirus is one of the dangerous conditions in the world which attacks Saphenous whim-whams cells. Also, the world’s first record in 1908 Karl Landsteiner and Erwin popper discovered that poliovirus was caused by a contagion that came from creatures Macaque Monkeys.The first polio cases passed in Oslo, Norway with 14 cases in 1868 and the alternate 13 cases in Northern Sweden 188. Likewise, in 1988 poliomyelitis palsy and killed hundreds of thousands of people every time. Besides this polio is largely contagious conforming to colorful conceptions. Vertical transmission generally occurs via the femoral, which contributes to the maturity of cases in regions with poor hygiene and sanitation. Still, Pakistan’s polio Eradication program has come under transnational scrutiny due to its position as the main motorist of global wild polio spread in recent times. Roughly wild poliovirus cases were reported in Pakistan in early 1990, but the poliovirus program has reduced this by over to 99. Moment Pakistan continues to be affected by wild poliovirus type 1 and 2. In 2014, Pakistan come the source of the world’s loftiest number of polio cases. In 2019, there was one case in Punjab, none in Sindh, sixteen cases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and nearly no cases in Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltistan. Eventually, Nigeria is the rearmost country to have officially stopped aboriginal transmission of wild poliovirus has been canceled in all mainlands except Asia, and as of 2021, Afghanistan and Pakistan will work hard on this dangerous complaint and annihilate it from the country.