Climate Change


Sharafat Shar
The climate crisis is a burgeoning Problem of the world nowadays. Climate change has impacts on the environment and the natural beauty of the world. Unfortunately, Pakistan is the most affected region of the World. The statics shows that Pakistan and neighboring countries are considered among the most affected by climate change and among these countries Pakistan is the 20 top effect of climate change. it is a huge change in climate due to global warming. The report stresses that unless there are immediate, rapid, and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions over the next two decades, then the goals of limiting average temperature this century to 1.5 degrees C or even 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels will be beyond reach, the scientists warn, leading to warming scenarios that could have catastrophic impacts for all ecosystems and societies. Moreover, within the next 20 years regardless of potential actions taken to slash greenhouse gas emissions in the meantime. It also stresses that human actions are “unequivocally” the primary driver of the escalating climate crisis. Furthermore, climate change is already affecting every inhabited region on Earth, and impacts such as sea-level rise, ocean acidification, and permafrost melt are inevitable and near-irreversible, leaving only their extent open to question. Some of these impacts are now thought to be irreversible within timespans stretching. However, Climate change is not natural it is man-made, due to human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, concentrations of CO2, air pollution of industries, bricks Killian, and an increase in vehicles, and so on. Climate change resulted in a huge impact on agriculture, crops are not giving annual averages as compared to previous years. Floods and droughts are the consequences of the climate crisis. Therefore, if we do not deal with it effectively, the outcomes will be mysterious. The global world has to take it seriously as they had taken the COVID-19 pandemic.