Value of newspaper

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Noor Fatima
A Newspaper is a form of print media .which has number of paper sheets containing News. Information analysis etc. We get variuos information regarding politics, business, sports, national and international news etc. Newspapers keep us informed about what is going in nation and in world as well as the development in every field.There is a Section called “classifieds” Where people give advertisement for Job, product for sale for house on rent etc , in editorial section of newspapers noted persons write their opnions on certain Topic, people can also write their Comments . Newspaper also build the nation and guide the goverment related with the politics and people ‘s views. Newspaper spread awareness on issues of national interset or health concern , Some fraud persons give advertisement in the newspapers to trap the innocent people for making money. Some powerful people pressurize media houese in order to publish news which favours them and criticizes others. Very large population of our country are literate where people read newspaper and become aware.The paper form of media is more trustworthy than any other form of media but yet the yellow journalism in inevitable. At the end , there is no denying from the fact that most of people can not start their day without reading newspaper.

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